JUNE 2022

Meet The Best Hyundai Dealership – Behind Hyundai Centrum Praha

Meet the team behind Hyundai Centrum Praha from our Hyundai Motor Europe region!

Meet The Best Hyundai Dealership – Behind Pennant Hills Hyundai

Meet the team behind Pennant Hills Hyundai at Australia from our Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific region!

Meet The Best Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Dealership – Behind Magna Motors

Meet the team behind Magna Motors from our Hyundai Motor Central South America region!

Projecting a New Premium Lifestyle, Palisade House

Palisade House, a pop-up located at Hanok Village, is a place where one can experience the harmonization of the Korean atmosphere and trendy sensibility. In here, you can get a glimpse of the value and style that comes from the people who ride the Palisade through the form of the most personal space to them, 'Home'.

Hyundai Motor Shares Vision for Self-Driving IONIQ 5-based Robotaxi Through New Global Campaign

Hyundai Motor Company launched a global manifesto campaign called ‘Innovation Begins, from Very Human Things’ to share its vision for self-driving robotaxis. Motional, the global leader in driverless technology, will work in partnership with ride-hailing services to deploy the Level 4 autonomous vehicles starting in 2023.

Mobility As a Cozy Lounge: Concept of Mobility Ondol

What would self-driving automobiles look like without a driver? Mobility Ondol, a concept unveiled by Hyundai Motor Group in its patent application, is a heating system inspired by a special seat structure and unique heat conduction, allowing an expression of the unconventional future of the car.