October 2021

Introduction of 9 MOT : Sales Process

September HTA: Introduction of 9 MOT (Sales Process) 


Hyundai Sales Process consists of 9 Moments of Truth.

MOT is a crucial  moment that does not allow failure. At the same time, MOT also means a decisive moment of 

customer satisfaction. From the moment sales consultant meets customers to the final car delivery and 

after-sales care each moment of truth has a clear goal to give our customers a differentiated experience.

This month, Team Hyundai will provide a guide on how overall process of 9 MOT helps improve sales and overall customer satisfaction. 


The first stage of 9 MOT is aware

Here, the customer realizes the needs of a car and begins to look up dealerships nearby.

The customer gathers information about cars and dealerships both online and offline.

If there is a reputable dealership with a great service the customer will most definitely visit that one.


The customer’s first encounter with a dealership begins with meet”.


Before meeting customers, sales consultants need to thoroughly clean up the area as well inspect condition of 

displayed vehicles. Sales consultants should also look (trust-worthy) smart and professional. 

This will elevate sales consultants’ credibility and create more business opportunities.


Welcome customers with a big smile and make eye contact with confidence – building positive relationship

with customers start from this moment. Making a small talk at start always helps to break the ice!


In “discover” stage, sales consultants identify the characteristics & needs of each customers.

To accurately figure out customer needs, sales consultants must approach customers with appropriate, 

right questions. Sales consultants should provide the best offer that tackles and satisfies customer’s most important needs.



At “experience, customers experience what it’s like to drive Hyundai cars.

Sales consultants should arrange the optimal test drive route to sell & communicate the key USP, highlighting

the model’s competitive advantage. Before the test drive, sales consultants should be well aware of its best

features of the vehicle for demonstration.

During the test drive, utilizesales Talkto deliver easy and understandable explanation from the customers’ perspective. 

Also having a nice and relaxing music and a bottle of water prepared for the test drive always helps.


Duringnegotiate, sales consultants should provide customers trustworthy & transparent sales offers. 

For that, it is important to provide accurate information to build trust that helps customers make the best decision.


Customers have a lot of concerns when buying a vehicle. Sales consultants must understand customers 

concerns and propose the right solutions using the skill of persuasion. For customers leaving the dealership 

without making purchase : give brochures of cars they are interested in with your business card. Also make sure to 

create customer profiles to provide information afterward after asking for their consent of course!




In revisitstage, customers come back to the dealership.

For customers, purchase decisions often take a long time. Thus, even if they do not purchase cars at the first visit sales 

consultants should provide customer care in a long term.

Sales consultants should continuously provide information about cars of customer’s interest 

– in time to time a drop of a line of ‘say hello’ always helps 


At decide, sales consultants need to provide customers sufficient information on the contract, reassuring that

they made the right decision

Contract documents should be prepared in advance to minimize waiting time.

Sales consultants also need to inform customers of the contract process and time required beforehand, 

check the desired delivery date & preferred contact method, and inform customers of the 

hand-over procedure and required documents as well.



From own, customers receive their purchased vehicles : sales consultants need to check the condition of 

the vehicle thoroughly before it’s delivery:


 interior & exterior

 make sure all the customer option and color preferences are correctly applied.



During the vehicle delivery, customer satisfaction can be maximized through the explanation on key functions,

warranty policy, and service programs. A joyful and memorable experience of car delivery leads to greater 

customer satisfaction. Such experience also builds positive word of mouth for both the dealership and Hyundai.



 “Care” phase is an excellent opportunity to strengthen trust and maintain relationship between customers and 

dealership.  For short-term care : identify customer satisfaction and respond to customer 

complaints in the early stage to create positive impressions on Hyundai even after the purchase. 

In long-term care sales consultants can increase customer loyalty to Hyundai by providing useful

information on car management and maintain long-lasting relationships.



Through 9 MOT, we can build an emotional connection with our customers and fulfill the quality time. 

For customers, the image of Hyundai brand is completed by the interaction with sales consultants


For more detailed online courses of 9 MOT for dealers visit https://hta.hyundai.com