October 2021

Future robot tech. : New life- & work-style

Futuristic transportation has always been a topic of discussion. Recently, ‘robots’ have been spotlighted as solutions to break away from the limitation of motor vehicles. From wearable robots to Boston Dynamics, this month’s feature of Team Hyundai introduces the association progress with the automobile and robot industry of Hyundai Motor which is leading future mobility solutions.

Why is the automotive industry interested in the robotics?


The interaction between the two industries with the latest cutting-edge technologies allows for an opportunity to develop futuristic vehicles.


Robot technology including recognition, control, and judgment, all currently applied in various vehicles creates a synergy effect and improves vehicles greatly.

Future robotic & AI technology that can be applied in smart vehicles include:


detects and avoids obstacles

wearable robot technology that reports health conditions to emergency facilities

get one step closer to a perfect autonomous vehicle that can think on its own and interact with humans


Robotic technology is the key to challenge today’s business boundaries, aiding future transportation developments such as autonomous driving vehicles and Aeromobils. HMG’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics is in line with the above, expanding its business boundaries based on robotics technology innovation.


Welcome to the Family : Boston Dynamics


With Boston Dynamics acquisition HMG has set the stage, dominating the robotics industry and to become Smart Mobility Solution Provider. In particular, increasing demand for robots on production sites, supporting human labor as well as favorable preference of digital interaction to avoid human contact is a new normal that must be embraced.


Projects carried out by HMG can promote synergy by directly utilizing robot technology. As the new means of transportation, such as eco-friendly vehicles, autonomous driving vehicles, and urban air mobility, are promoted as a new growth momentum, they require a different approach from the past in all processes, including manufacturing, production, R&D, logistics, as well as services. For example, the goals that HMG is promoting, the electrification of all line ups in global major market by 2040 and the achievement of 8-10 percent market share in the global EV market, require an innovation in the manufacturing platform in order to secure cost competitiveness. HMC has already launched ‘e-Forest’, a smart factory brand based on an artificial intelligence and robot technologies. In near future at the production and logistics sites of such smart factories, logistics robots such as ‘Pick’ and ‘Handle’ could be introduced.


In addition, robots include essential technologies such as self-driving vehicles, urban air mobility, and purpose built vehicles. Core technologies of robots, such as judgment and response to surrounding situations using various sensors and artificial intelligence, as well as precise parts and system control are essential to making future mobility possible. In order to mass-produce self-driving technology, the cooperation between HMG and Boston Dynamics is highly anticipated. Both companies have been researching and developing to improve performance of sensor fusion technology that integrates camera, radar, LiDAR, and self-driving integrated controller which manages functions related to self-driving.


Dominating the robotic R&D scene means Hyundai will secure future growth potential. A Humanoid robot named “Atlas” is in further development which shows tremendous potential to revolutionize future mobility and robot industry. Not only it can replace human functions such as patient nursing, disaster site rescue and extreme environmental missions alone but in a longer-term, HMG envisions “Progress in Humanity”, overcoming the human limits with advancement in robotic technology.


Wearable robots for human-centered mobility value chain innovation

For several years, Hyundai Motor’s Robotics Lab has been committed in robotics R&D and developed VEX, a wearable robot that make ease for workers at production / R&D sites. Because VEX is "non-powered" without an electricity supply, it is light-weighted and can be easily worn as a vest. Furthermore, wearable robots like VEX create a smart factory where human labor and robot convenience can coexist. Hyundai has already implemented this incredible innovation to the U.S. production site since 2019 and those who have tried VEX evaluated a high degree of mobility freedom and excellent muscle support functions.

The birth : advanced Humanoid Robot ‘DAL-e’


HMG launched “DAL-e (Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience)” early this year. Designed for automated customer services, DAL-e equipped a state-of-the-art AI that enables facial recognition, face tracking, and automatic communication system based on a language-comprehension platform.

DAL-e was pilot tested at Hyundai Motorstudio once and customers enjoyed its sweet welcoming and interactions with them.



It’s only a secret that at Hyundai Metaverse Convention 2021, hosted from 18 October DAL-e will be the one who will greet our participated dealers to tour around Hyundai Metaverse!

With its miniature, humanoid body displaying a welcoming appeal, DAL-e provides an effective customer service with a significantly lighter and more compact compared to other customer service and guide robots in the market. 


Human-Centered Mobility Vision: Innovation Center In Singapore

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore in Singapore (HMGICS), presents a new paradigm of seamless customer experience and innovation of future value chain from R&D, ordering, small-sized RV manufacturing to CX services such as test-drives and delivery. HMGICS visions for a safe and efficient human-centered innovation work environment and smart mobility services optimized for customer needs. Please give a big round of applause for its successful opening which is expected at the end of 2022.


Metaverse Convention

In the upcoming ‘Hyundai Metaverse Convention 2021’, hosted on 18-22 October, a virtual Hyundai vision city is created where participants can envision the paradigm of future mobility.


As such, HMG is constantly striving for “Progress for humanity” and in near future, it will be natural for us to live in harmony with robots. ‘Hyundai Metaverse Convention 2021’, held from 18-22 October will be a site to realize Hyundai’s imaginary future world. Many futuristic mobilities and robots will be in this Metaverse world, which will provide a preview of Human-Centered Smart City in advance.


Global partners, members of HMC, distributors and dealers will be invited to this virtual “Octoberfest”. The event will be an opportunity to share our future business strategies and connect to strengthen our partnership.