October 2021

Hyundai Metaverse Convention 2021

Do you remember the ‘Digital LIVE Dealer Conference 2020’ that was hosted last year? 

During a time when inter-country movement was restricted due to COVID-19, global Moderator Laura Schwartz and Executive Chair Euisun Chung along with executives of the company held a meaningful event where they presented their future vision for the post COVID-19 era and hopes of overcoming the pandemic.


This year, the company will host a new and improved convention utilizing the trendy metaverse platform to enhance mutual communication with participants.   

PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle) will be driven on the roads, UAM (Urban Air Mobility) will be flown in the air and trailer drones along with hydrogen trams, hydrogen ships will be seen in the Hyundai Metaverse World. 

In addition, the Hyundai Metaverse is a world where robots such as Atlas, Spot, DAL-e, Paraklete and humans coexist.

Although everyone is in a separate personal environment, anyone can make their own character, gather around, and have a conversation through Hyundai Metaverse. 

We Invite you all to the Hyundai Metaverse Convention 2021’

· When : October 18th (Mon) – 22nd (Fri), 2021 (5-day Operation) 

· Who : Overseas agency/dealer and headquarters, overseas employees (including spouse + children) 

· Operation Concept : 

   Imagining the sustainable mobility ecosystem 

   Ecosystem of sustainable mobility, Hyundai Metaverse for all 

   Conduct activities in the Event Metaverse, and participants create their own avatars to stream and communicate    

   various contents within the metaverse


Hyundai Metaverse World is consisted of Brand Zone, Product Zone, Live Station, RHQ Zone, and Hydrogen Wave Zone.

In these 5 zones, varieties of small and big contents are prepared for the visitors to participate and enjoy. 

The visitor can log in at any time during the 5 days of event to enjoy Metaverse World and have fun with attendees from all over the world. 



Key Zones & Operated Contents

Hyundai Metaverse Convention 2021 will be opened for 5 days from 18th to 22nd October, Monday to Friday.

Don't miss this opportunity to communicate with modern families around the world and get a glimpse of Hyundai's future vision.



Teaser Trailer 1 : H-TED

Teaser Trailer 2 : Brand M

Teaser Trailer 3 : Intro