October 2021

Hyundai Mobility Adventure in Metaverse


Hyundai Motor Create Metaverse Contents  

on Roblox, Hyundai Mobility Adventure






Hyundai operated an open beta service including ‘Future Mobility City’ and ‘Festival Square’ to collect specific user feedback and improvement ideas.

They had 132,687 cumulative visitors (3,796 daily average) without in-app advertising, and in particular, the average stay time in the metaverse is 7.67 minutes, showing high customer engagement.

Also, Hyundai achieved an excellent figure compared to major branded content in Roblox with 82.6% Upvotes Ratio, which is a key indicator for users to evaluate the quality.


Overall Experience

Through the five virtual zones, participants can enjoy: 


Hyundai Motor Company will continue to upgrade customer experience elements through Open Innovation in collaboration with internal and external entities including end users (gamers, game influencers, platform experts, etc.) to fully implement the Metaverse platform.




Festival Square Part 2 (Customer Experience)

ㆍ Users can customize avatars, cars, and even their garages as well as engage in virtual social life.




Future Mobility City Part 2 (Customer Experience) 

 Various games can be played as part of CX 


Five Themed Parks: Eco-forest


 Eco-forest (powered by IONIQ): A recreational sphere offering minimalistic and slow lifestyles enabled by 

     the coexistence of eco-friendly mobility technologies and fairy-tale fantasies.




Coming soon: Racing Park & Smart Tech Campus 

Two more theme parks will be added on Hyundai Mobility Adventure including:


Racing Park (powered by N): A racing theme park where players can experience the latest advanced racing technologies and motorsports available via Hyundai Motor’s high-performance N brand cars.



Smart Tech Campus: A future technology research center where users can replicate the experiences of engineers and designers in a sophisticated setting.