MAY 2022

Hyundai Motor at the 2021 Seoul Mobility Show




At the Seoul Mobility Show, Hyundai Motor Company prepared an exhibition space of 2,750, the largest exhibition area among all brands.



As shown above, there are a total of 4 different theme sections in the Hyundai exhibition space.


'EV Square' shows the vision of EVs and autonomous driving, 'Robotics Park' depicts the future daily life with robotics, 'Green Arena’ includes Hyundai’s vision about sustainability, and 'Lifestyle Plaza’ showing the various expansion of mobility.







Although the scale of this year’s exhibition was much smaller compared to the Motor Show in 2019, Hyundai went for a different direction this time compared to other car brands that revealed new cars as their main highlight. Hyundai focused on future visions and displayed sustainability through various different exhibition sections, which was very remarkable and exciting at the same time.