MAY 2022

Genesis House New York



It's no longer special for luxury automotive brands to create their own custom multifunctional spaces around the world. The Genesis House New York is receiving great attention from the media and public as it is a cultural and community hub that reflects the Korean culture.



Genesis announced the unveiling of Genesis House New York, a sophisticated oasis located in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District, adjacent to Little Island and the High Line. Opening its doors to the public on Friday, November 19thGenesis House promises to offer extraordinary experiences influenced by Korean culture and community, culinary excellence, and innovative architecture and technology.


The 46,000-plus square foot (approximately 4,340 square meters) space is audacious in design, progressive in function, and distinctly Korean throughout, inspiring the community to gather in a sanctuary that offers nourishment of body and mind. Genesis House’s curated programs will engage New York in cultural conversations about design, food, travel, health, and future mobility - season after season.



Since its launch, Genesis has unveiled a number of concept cars in New York, the city that leads the way when it comes to luxury and trends. The brand’s decision to unveil these models in such a trendy city reflects its confidence in its designs. Opening Genesis House in the same location is another progressive move for the brand - one that once again projects its confidence to the world. From its new oasis in the city, Genesis will showcase its luxurious and innovative brand through various types of experiences.


Genesis House will provide a highly sophisticated level of hospitality that is based on Korean customs for treating guests. Those who visit Genesis House will be treated as Genesis’ son-nim - ‘son’ meaning ‘guest’ and ‘nim’ being an honorific. This reflects the Korean virtue of providing the best to those who visit your home to see you.




In addition to welcoming the general public, specially trained Genesis House curators will welcome guests via reservation, promoting the ethos of a shared oasis for cultural and commercial cross-pollination. The curators will introduce details of each model in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more.


Go visit Genesis House to experience a true sophisticated oasis!