JUNE 2022

Projecting a New Premium Lifestyle, Palisade House

Projecting a New Premium Lifestyle, Palisade House


The Palisade House, which reinterprets the lifestyle of the Palisade and its customers has opened. In there, we looked at the value and meaning of life that Palisade suggests.



Recently, Palisade House opened in Hanok Village in Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, where one can experience the harmonization of the Korean atmosphere and trendy sensibility. The Palisade House is a place where you can get a glimpse of the value and style that comes from the people who ride the Palisade through the form of the most personal space to them, 'Home'. By projecting the value of Palisade's unique leisurely interior space into the various daily spaces provided in the Palisade House, Hyundai provides an opportunity for visitors to discover their true taste and to contemplate their own life. Let's experience the true premium life value suggested by Palisade and the meaning of a space where oneself is blended in rather than showing off through the price or brand.


There are a total of four categories in this article:

1.    An Exhibition Space That Reflects the Palisade's Unique Sensibility and Customer Lifestyle

2.    Palisade-Inspired Art Piece Space, <Gallery>

3.    <House A>, Containing the Solid Preference of You and Your Family

4.    'Favorite Night Classes' Where You Can Experience Hobbies Firsthand



An Exhibition Space that Reflects the Palisade's Unique Sensibility and Customer Lifestyle


Hanok Village in Ikseon-dong is a place where new local values ​​have been formed through the rediscovery of old single-story hanok and shops converted from it. The Palisade House, opened on the basis of these regional colors, expresses the values ​​of the Palisade, which pursues leisurely, safe, and comfortable, into 'the daily life of the house where me and my family stay' and 'a lifestyle space that embodies a solid personal taste'. 



The exhibition is held in a space that connects the main space, the gallery, and the three buildings, House A and B. The interior of each space is composed of art objects and colorful lifestyles that reflect the sensibility of the Palisade through collaboration with a top domestic art director.


Palisade-Inspired Art Piece Space, <Gallery>


The gallery, which is the largest area, has a Palisade exhibition area and a customer lounge where visitors can relax. In addition, by adding differentiated space production with art pieces and media art inspired by the Palisade, the unique lifestyle of the Palisade was delivered sensibly. The large art piece that overwhelms the audience's gaze in the gallery represents the curved lines and seamlessness, which are key elements of the design of the Palisade, and is presented together with the sub art piece linked to the Palisade's various colors. The art piece exhibition was held through a collection collaboration with the art commerce brand 'CAVA LIFE', which introduces artists from various art genres at home and abroad, including art, design, furniture, photography, ceramics, video, music, and fashion.


<House A>, Containing the Solid Preference of You and Your Family


House A, located on the right side of the gallery, is decorated with a concierge on the first floor, a living room on the second floor with family tastes, and a rooftop garden according to the space concept. The concierge on the first floor of House A is a space that stimulates curiosity with various types of doors and storage cabinets. It is a space that is like a mystery in which you can find your own taste through various objects, and it was directed from the perspective of director Kang Jeong-sun of L'-C deJ, a space styling brand. First, upon entering the entrance on the first floor, you are greeted by dozens of different keys that represent your own persona. A variety of everyday objects, such as a tennis ball that symbolizes the passion of life, camping equipment that allows you to meet your leisurely everyday life, and pasta ingredients that express your own taste, appear as objects to make you think about your interests and preferences.



On the second floor of House A, an everyday life full of family memories was expressed in the form of a living room. In the Living Room, designer Kim Hyo-jin of Dansk, a furniture-editing store, participates as the person in charge, and tells many stories of individuals and families through clutter-core style vintage furniture that reflects Scandinavian design and various props that blend memories and tastes. For reference, the clutter core style is an interior design trend full of personal taste, and it talks about the beauty created by complexity and atypical elements. On the other hand, the atmosphere of Ikseon-dong created by the low hanok roof tiles viewed from the four-sided glass window is another viewing point.



If you go up the stairs from the second floor, you can see a small rooftop planter (plant + interior) garden. It is a garden in the city center where you can cultivate a small vegetable garden, play sand with children, and see simple flowers according to the season. Jung Woo-seong, CEO of Slow Pharmacy, a plant design brand in charge of directing, said about the planner space on the rooftop, In the busy city life, you can grow plants for your family and spend time with your family. Having a relaxed mind is a life value that truly helps you grow.



After looking around House A, which reflects the taste and lifestyle of the family, House B on the other hand is a small hanok-style building on the right, a new space where you can experience 'one's own deep taste'. House B is a place to enjoy small get-togethers and your own world full of your favorite music. The first floor of House B was designed as a Zen-style Social Dining room that added traditional beauty and modern sensibility. It was created through collaboration with espresso bar Ohuya, premium self-brand Gwangjuyo, and plant design brand Slow Pharmacy under designer Hyojin Kim of Densk. The interior, which carefully utilizes the beauty of the blank space, conveys a calm and cozy feeling, and the long, soft bar table depicts the social dining life of inviting acquaintances and serving food with sincerity. Customers who have booked Palisade House online and visited can experience authentic Italian espresso made by Ouya's professional baristas at the bar table here.



The second floor of House B is a private listening room with a stylish taste in which vintage audio, speakers, and LPs are harmonized. The space was directed by a collaboration between the space creative group Deca and the music-based lifestyle shop Editori, and is filled with a variety of vintage audio, speakers, and furniture that reflects your taste. In the private listening room, you can spend personal time listening to 'LP music suitable for the Palisade' selected by the editor. In addition, you can enjoy espresso while sitting on the simple yet comfortable sofa of Jackson Chameleon, a contemporary furniture brand, or experience relaxation and relaxation while looking at the landscape of a hanok like a picture frame through a long horizontal window. 


'Favorite Night Classes' Where You Can Experience Hobbies Firsthand


From 7 pm, the 'Favorite Night Classes' with various themes will be held to directly allow you to experience the tastes that you are interested in. The Terrarium Class, created with moss, is a planner class where you can create your own little world. Through the Espresso Class, you can find out your espresso taste and enjoy with pairing desserts. You can create your own scent in the Room Spray Classand finally the 'Natural Wine Class' is operated conveying the image of Palisade, where you can taste natural wines with a body and a finish that matches the wine. Customers can book this private night class that suits their preferences on a first-come, first-served basis according to their desired date.


In addition to this, guests who made a reservation received an illustrated postcard and tea coaster that embodies the space of the Palisade House. Goods such as custom-designed cakes for the Palisade House and fabric posters are also provided by lottery through a hashtag event. The Palisade House was opened for a total of 19 days from May 19th to June 6th.