MAR 2023

Meet The Best Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Dealership – Behind Magna Motors


Magna Motors

Magna Motors was founded in 1974 with a clear mission and vision for the automotive industry. In 1977, they were granted the representation of Hyundai for passengers and commercial vehicles in the Dominican Republic. Their regional expansion began in 2015 with the representation of Hyundai passengers and commercial vehicles in Jamaica, and in 2018, they arrived in Guatemala with the exclusive representation of Hyundai Trucks and Buses.


Magna proudly represents the Hyundai Brand for over 45 years.


They currently have 10 owned showrooms with a large passionate and performance driven team dedicated to the Brand, Sales and Aftersales, complying 100% with the guidelines. Their company has a clear vision of providing mobility solutions in all the countries where they have presence, focused on high standards of quality, service and innovation.


Their goal is to always exceed customers expectations when it comes to client service, because at Magna they believe that customers are for life.




Fun Fact about Magna Motors

Did you know that Magna Motors is the oldest Hyundai distributor outside Korea?


Ecuador was the first country Hyundai exported to back in the 70s, and the second country was the Dominican Republic with Magna Motors. The interesting fact is that the Ecuador distributor does not exist anymore, so Magna Motors is to date the oldest Hyundai distributor outside Korea, and they are very proud of it!



Magna’s Hyundai Milestones


More about the Magna Group

Under Grupo Magna (Magna Group), they run a total of 6 companies including Magna, UMA, TrucksLogic, Termo Envases S.A.(Plastic Production Company), Hoteles Nacionales (representing Sheraton Hotel in Santa Domingo) and Magna Corredores De Seguros (Financing & Insurance Company). Magna Motors and Grupo UMA are both in the automotive sector.


Grupo Magna has presence in 10 countries with over 3,180 employees. They also presented an impressive sales of vehicle units despite the pandemic. In 2019, the group sold a total of 7,420 vehicles and 8,751 in 2021; for motorcycles, a total of 76,139 were sold in 2020 and 210,870 in 2021!


It is all thanks to their strong financial capacity to develop new business opportunities, corporate organization and know-how synergy, accessibility and quick response driven management and strong governmental and business relationships.




Hyundai Dealerships

There are a total of 10 Hyundai dealerships under Magna Motors. 8 of them are at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and one each at Kingston, Jamaica and Guatemala.


  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (8)

 Inside of Hyundai Truck & Bus at Santo Domingo



People of Magna Motors




Guatemala Team

Miguel Rivera, General Manager Guatemala & Team




In Dominican Republic, what do people think about Hyundai? What kind of image does it portray?

The Hyundai brand is highly admired in the Dominican Republic for its quality, for the support that HMC gives us in each requirement of our customers, and for our great after-sales service. These are the reasons why we are the number one brand in sales in the segment of light vehicles and top 3 in sales of commercial vehicles.


The projections are that by the year 2024 we will also be the number one brand in sales of commercial vehicles.



What is Magna Motor’s biggest accomplishment? 

The year 2021 was a year of many achievements for Magna Motors, but the most important achievement was the sale of 84 Pavise to Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana. They are a new client for us in this truck segment and we are the first Hyundai dealer to sell this amount of Pavise to a single client.


Here’s a list of our other past awards:

What are some of the technique that your dealership has that contributes to success? What are some special key points of your dealership’s customer service?

At Magna Motors we focus on the needs of each of our clients, we work hand in hand with them to discover their real needs and thus be able to offer them the best transport solution tailored to those needs, becoming a strategic partner and not just simple sellers.


We also have a clear Customer Centricity Culture. We believe in embodying the brand values and behavior as our signature in the customer experience. Collaborators love to greet or customers in a friendly manner and always make sure to satisfy their needs.



What does a day look like in your dealership?

In our commercial vehicle showroom we receive daily between 10-15 new clients, 5-6 second visits and 40-45 in our service workshop. Our showroom is located in one of the most important avenues in the city, for that reason we keep on display a varied  model mix of our commercial vehicles in order to be able to answer all the questions that our clients have when choosing a specific model.

A Day at Magna Motors


Are there any memorable moments at your dealership?

Last year, we won a tender for 60 ambulances built in H350 panel van and the Mercedes Benz representative challenged the purchase. On that occasion, the government declared it invalid, but 3 months later we won the tender once again! The Mercedes Benz representative challenged again but on this occasion the challenge did not prosper, and the government has confirmed the purchase.


That day all of us from the commercial vehicle sales department went to a Paintball to release the tension and stress of this sale! 

With COVID, what were the challenges and how did you overcome for your dealership?

Covid 19 helped us all to reinvent ourselves. But the main issue was how to continue providing service to our customers, and how we were going to be able to supply them with parts so that they could continue operating under the conditions imposed by the government.


At Magna Motors the first thing we did when the government authorized some companies to operate with only a minimum number of employees was to schedule virtual meetings with our clients, sales executives and after-sales service advisors. We put together a work plan together and were be able to do everything that was necessary to continue operating under those extraordinary conditions that the pandemic caused.


The response of our clients was very positive towards us, and that is demonstrated by the good start we have had in this year 2022, because we support our clients in all ways possible in the midst of the uncertainty created by the pandemic.



What are the current challenges in car dealerships (commercial use) and how did you overcome?

Our great challenge continues to be the lack of inventory, what we are doing is working hand in hand with our clients and HMC since the beginning of the year on their purchase projections for this year 2022 in order to guarantee deliveries in the shortest possible time and they can meet their commitments



What is the goal/plan of your dealership in the near future?

Our goal is to be the most admired  brand by our customers and number one in sales of units in the passenger and commercial segment assuring the best service and the most complete portfolio to cover all the needs of our customers.