JUNE 2022

Meet The Best Hyundai Dealership – Behind Pennant Hills Hyundai

In our June edition of the series of Meet The Best Hyundai Dealership – Behind The Team, we would like to introduce Pennant Hills Hyundai from Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific


Pennant Hills Hyundai



Previously known as Barry Smith Hyundai, Pennant Hills Hyundai was established 25 years ago in 1997. They are a family-owned business, owned and operated by CKD Automotive Pty Ltd.


Pennant Hills Hyundai had won first place in the Hyundai Platinum Dealer of the Year Program in Australia. The program recognizes and rewards the most outstanding dealers across all aspects of operational performance including Sales, Market Share, Quality of Business, Parts Sales, Facility and Customer Experience.


The program runs for the full calendar year, January to December, and is a highly regarded award to achieve within our Dealer Network.


The top two performing dealers in each region are awarded as Regional Dealers of the Year (10 awards in total), then from this group the best performing Dealer is recognized as our Platinum Dealer of the Year – which Pennant Hills Hyundai achieved as the highest performing dealership in 2021.


This is a fantastic honor for Pennant Hills Hyundai, and a reflection of their outstanding professionalism and results achieved across the entire Hyundai business in 2021.


Pennant Hills Hyundai Dealer Principal Chris Daly and owner Chad Davies were elated:


“The Hyundai brand is of the utmost importance to CKD Automotive, so for Pennant Hills Hyundai to be recognised with a Hyundai Platinum Dealer Award is by far the most significant accolade a dealership has received in the company’s history,” said the Pennant Hills Hyundai owner, Chad Davies.


“The Hyundai Platinum Dealer Program is effort that requires every department to function at its peak and, fortunately for recognised as a highly sought-after award within the dealer network and it is especially gratifying to be awarded in 2021, which was a year of some incredibly trying times for the industry,” said Pennant Hills Hyundai Dealer Principal, Chris Daly.


“Securing the Hyundai Platinum Dealer Award is a whole-of-business us, each area of the business did pull together and do just that, to deliver the results.”



Outside of Pennant Hills Hyundai


Inside of Pennant Hills Hyundai




People of Pennant Hills Hyundai 



What has been Pennant Hills Hyundai’s biggest accomplishment? What are some of the technique that Pennant Hills Hyundai has that contributes to success?

Like previously mentioned, our biggest accomplishment is the Hyundai Platinum National Dealer of the Year 2021. It is the first time an Eastern Regional Dealer has taken out this title, and we are very proud of this accomplishment. Not only that, we also won the Hyundai Platinum Regional Winner 2021.


I think the factors that contributed to our success are as below:


First of all, we have a strong PMA presence. Pennant Hills Hyundai has serviced the Pennant Hills PMA for over 25 years. We have developed a strong and loyal customer base throughout the years.


We also have a Strong focus on customer satisfaction – this is also shown in our dealerships CSI/SSI & NPS scores, which are always above National Average.


Last but not least, our staffs deserves a big credit. They are passionate about the Hyundai brand and are able to provide customers that reassurance in the brand, making them long term or lifetime customers. 

What does a day look like in your dealership?

We have a strong presence on Pennant Hills Road therefore do get high walk-in traffic, but also receive a high volume of phone calls.


We operate a Valet Service Driveway from 7am – 9am, Mon – Friday  & every second Sat. which enables our customers to drop off their vehicles without the need to look for parking.


We average approx. 35 service Ros, per day and approx. 12 sales enquiries per day (mix of walk-in, phone, internet).

How is the sales of Hyundai compared to other brands in your country? How is Hyundai improving?

Hyundai holds 4th position out of the top 10 car brands in Australia (reference from VFACTS May 2022). As also reported in May 2022 data, the i30 holds top 10 place within the top 10 cars sold. This is event within our sold model mix in our showroom, as the i30 remains a core seller in the Hyundai product line.


Besides that, Hyundai has recently added some new and exciting models to our product line, such as the new N & N Line ranges, that has provided us the ability to sell vehicles that offer more than competitor’s vehicles in those segments.


Lastly, the release of the Palisade has also assisted in capturing a larger SUV audience within the  large SUV segment.



How is the acceptance rate of EVs in your country? Are people looking for an EV or people are still going for gas cars?

The demand for EV’s has increased with 7618 units reported (in Australia) as sold in the first four months of this year – up well over 200 per cent compared to the same period last year! The NSW Government is currently offering $3,000 rebates for the first 25,000 eligible EVs sold. This incentive, along with the abolition of stamp duty, will save eligible EV purchasers up to $5,540, and help drive the uptake of EVs to more than 50% of all car sales by 2030-31.

With COVID, what were the challenges and how did you overcome for your dealership?

For us, the difficulty with stock supply is one of our biggest challenges. But with the introduction of Click to Buy, COVID has provided customers a platform to purchase vehicles online. The Click to Buy system has given customers the confidence to securely purchase a vehicle from their home, without the need to come into a showroom.



How has the microchip shortage impacted your dealership?

The microchip shortages have resulted in stock shortages and delays in obtaining a vehicle for a customer. Wait times for vehicles have increased due to these shortages, which has in turn provided us very limited means of communicating to customers where their vehicles are placed within the production line. 

What are the past and present trend of car preference in your country?

According to May 2022 VFACTs data, the overall top 25 breakdown comprised six Utes, five mid-size SUVs, five small SUVs, four large SUVs, three small cars, one light car, and one van/bus. This data displays the continued demand for SUVs.

VFACTS data reported 10+ years ago has shown us that there was a strong demand for  sedans in the past (large car segment) as we saw the Holden Commodore hold top positon for 15 consecutive years between 1996 and 2010.



What is the goal of your dealership in the near future?

Our goal is to maintain our presence within the Pennant Hills PMA and to win Platinum Dealer of the Year 2022.