JUNE 2022

Meet The Best Hyundai Dealership – Behind Hyundai Centrum Praha

In our June edition of the series of Meet The Best Hyundai Dealership – Behind The Team, we would like to introduce Hyundai Centrum Praha from Hyundai Motor Europe.


They had recently won 1st place in CXC 2021 of the HME Sales category.


In this article, we interviewed them about their dealership. Let’s look! 

Hyundai Centrum Praha

Louda Auto Praha was established in December 2012 as Hyundai Centrum Praha on the basement of a bankrupted Volkswagen dealer, with the potential to become the larges dealer in the country. In order to achieve that, they had put all the focus and effort to make it work. The name serves a clear message to all customers, Hyundai Centrum Praha is the exclusive Hyundai place!


Hyundai Centrum Praha’s growth was very fast and they became the No. 1 dealer in the network within 3-4 years after their open. Their focus on volume was very strong since the beginning, because they know the volume makes profit. High profitability came soon, service shop was full, provisions for F&I reached significant numbers, and of course, volume and quality bonuses from Hyundai makes high profit on each single unit.


In September 2021, they were bought by Louda Auto group. Louda Auto is the biggest dealer group in the country. They are the largest Skoda dealer and they have operated 2 Hyundai showrooms before the acquisitions of Hyundai Centrum Praha. With the purchase of Hyundai Centrum Praha, Louda Auto become the largest Hyundai dealer in the Czech rep. 



Outside of Hyundai Centrum Praha 

Outside of Hyundai Centrum Praha

Awards of Hyundai Centrum Praha 

People of Hyundai Centrum Praha

Employees of Hyundai Centrum Praha 

Left Picture: Erik Kouba Sales Consultant , Ondra Plichta Sales Consultant , Michael Pech winning Sales Consultant , Jan Šesták Fleet Sales Consultant , Drahomíra Bašusová Sales Consultant , Jan Červinka director manager, Libor Vamberský Sales Consultant , Martin Borek Sales Consultant , Michal Plaček Brand Manager Hyundai


Right Picture: Josef Bystrý Service Consultant, Josef Dušek Service Consultant, Michal Zelený Service Consultant, Otakar Borek service manager, Roman Aschenbrenner Service Consultant, Karel Rouha Service Consultant, Pavel Kalábek Service Consultant


What has been Hyundai Centrum Praha’s biggest accomplishment?

For us, our customers and customer services are our top priority.


Even though we are the biggest dealer in Czech, we never let our guards down – we are still reaching high ratings in HCX, mystery shopping results and more. Besides that, we have also received several local and pan European awards, not only because of the sales amount but also because of our high customer satisfaction.


We take care a variety of orders. Besides handling normal customer orders, we also handle fleet orders from small and medium companies. The amount of our fleet sales is not too many (about 20 units in 2 years per company) compared to our normal customers which can go up to hundreds!


I would also like to add more about our employee’s achievement:


What does a day look like in your dealership?

We have approx. 30-40 service orders per day. 30% of our customers wait for their service in our dealership, so the customer zone is always full of people. Our service assistant offers coffee to everyone as well as bottle of water with our own logo on it.

We get around 15-20 customer leads a day, so our sales team has a lot of to work with. We delivered an average on 120-180 cars a month – our showroom is always full!



What are some of the technique that Hyundai Plasencia has that contributes to success?

We have very strong marketing activities which are producing hundred of customer leads every month. For example, we run our own sales campaign every month with focus on model specified by Hyundai HMCZ.


We also publish occasional campaigns based on special days like Mothers day or Day of Sant Valentin etc. Each female customer gets flower and chocolate or other small present.


Ever quarter, we also have an Open Day event where customers can come to us and see all new models, special editions etc.

To simply put it, we are always trying to be active mainly in on-line marketing and we always like to get in touch with our customer database via direct mails etc.

Another thing – As I previously mentioned, customer service is a very important part to us.

Although saving costs in general is important, we think you shouldn’t save on investing in your staffs – our employees are our gold. Our strategy is that only highly motivated professionals reach high volumes and profits!



How is the sales of Hyundai compared to other brands in your country? How is Hyundai improving?

Hyundai is a very popular car brand with a great reputation. Hyundai is number 2 on the Czech market, with nearly 10% of market share. Our best-selling cars i30 and Tucson, are the market leaders in the respective car segment. Besides that, i10 is also a segment leader.


Hyundai is of course recognized by its EV models. Kona EV and IONIQ 5 are becoming more and more popular, despite the EV trend is still low in Czech. 


We are happy that the 3 key models –  Tucson, i30 and Kona EV are produced in the HMMC, Czech Republic, in Nošovice.



How is the acceptance rate of EVs in your country? Are people looking for an EV or people are still going for gas cars?

Like I mentioned above, the EV trend is still pretty low in Czech.


Although we are recognizing significant growing interest in EV cars in the last months, there are several reasons why the EV “fever” hasn’t hit Czech yet – No governmental subsidies and high car prices are the key factors. But we believe in improvement in the near future.


On the other hand, the demand of diesel has totally disappeared so that’s a start!



With COVID, what were the challenges and how did you overcome for your dealership?

During COVID, we were even more active in online marketing during all lockdowns. Many dealers locked doors and cut all marketing and we see this as our advantage. We were signing orders continuously and delivering new cars on the parking lot outside of the showroom.


Even though COVID wasn’t our golden time, but we did our best and made solid sales results.



How has the microchip shortage impacted your dealership?

The shortage has certainly impacted us; we are suffering from the lack of Korea production. We miss Santa Fe and Staria very much.


On the other hand, we are reaching high margins, because car shortage pushes the prices high. And customers are still happy for our reasonable delivery time, which is not the standard for other European producers.



How did your dealership decided to participate in CXC? How was the experience?

Our team is consisted of high motivated professionals. Our young and ambitious salesman Michael Pech has decided to participate by his own because he likes challenges.


We supported him only in terms of costs, and all the other job was done by himself. It took him 2 weeks to prepare the full concept and finally 9 hours to record the video. The concept emphasizes on our daily routine. We are so proud of Michael for winning this CXC!



What is the goal of your dealership in the near future?

Our company owner has changed since mid of last year. We are now a member of a big group that runs 5 Hyundai showrooms around the country. Since we have a plenty of experiences, we are sharing our best practice with new members of the team and setting up the standards in all 5 locations.



Lastly, lets take a look at their CXC video: